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Scanner Working Now!

2012-06-02 18:46:06 by Newchimp

I can finally upload art, it will mostly consist of E-rated or T-Rated art but it won't be in the art portal until I feel it meets satisfactory.

Have a wonderful weekend

Scanner being complicated

2012-05-27 09:41:52 by Newchimp

I just did a piece of art work that I will use for my NG avatar, so here's the story. I did my art work, went to printer (printer has a scanner with it also), turned it on and put my art work in scanner, hit scan, ran to my desktop to see what happened, nothing, i repeated the last few steps a couple of times, checked to see if printer was connected, yes, and that's where my confusion comes in. I have a Cannon MP210 series printer but we have two computers so I'm not certain if the other desktop is messing up the printer, leave helpful comments If you can i'm just trying to put my art out their.

Art from me

2012-05-27 07:30:36 by Newchimp

My description says that I am an avid gamer that loves to play all types of games and doesn't have a problem hanging out with strangers over the mic on the inter-webs and chill out and game out. Well I also like drawing and painting and other forums of art so, I plan to upload some art on the art portal in the very near future.

NOTE: My little doodle I have as my post Icon is no where near to my full potential, I did less than half-assed it but i needed an Icon so that's what I came up with in about 2 minutes so, I plan to spend much longer than 2 minutes on my art work and I plan to hand draw them with Pen or Pencil or Draw them in Microsoft Paint.

Have a wonderful day.